On Losing Weight….AGAIN!!!

Bad eating habits are the worst habits to have.  I have a multitude of reasons to start eating right but only 2 reasons, currently, why I dont.  The first is that I dont like the taste of eating healthy. I dont like many raw vegetables and I dont feel satiated when I try to eat healthy.  The second is the feeling of being hungry! Yes, I know all about changing from eating smaller portions while eating more frequently. But thats another eating habit I cant seem to change.

Of course there are so many other reasons I NEED to change my eating habits in order to be at a healthy weight!  Did you know, that penis size is relative to obesity? Dont believe me, check out this article, HERE.  It would appear that, yes, it is time to lose weight.  Did you also know that as men get older and their testosterone levels shrink, so does their “manhood”??  Its not as significant as say 50 lbs of fat, but in all reality, it does shrink the older you get. Do I really need any more reasons to lose weight?? Attack my manhood and Ill do what I need to do to defend it!

So let me put out the other health risks!  Blood pressure, bad cholesterol, fatty liver, ventricular hypertrophy etc.  All these things lead up to stroke, heart disease, diabetes and possibly cancer among many others.  Lets also add loss of breath, snoring (which leads to sleep apnea and perhaps strokes), possible skin conditions including skin tags which can have an adverse effect on body confidence, which of course leads to low self esteem.  Do I have to even mention the cost and hassle of having to take medications once adverse health conditions start?

Aside from the aforementioned reasons, let us not forget the cost of clothes!  Yes, I have started buying bigger sizes since my shirts are getting to look like bologna skins!!!  My pants are getting stress tears!! Even my shoes are stretching out! The future is looking bleak, my friends if I dont get off my ass and start eating better; it just that bad food tastes so damn good!!

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